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GCC i-Craft, Not Your Ordinary Cutter Plotter

Crystal Image once again finds its way to innovate and upgrade for better productivity and efficiency in terms of personalizing in the Digital Printing Industry. Print and Cut, cutting fine and detailed designs are just few of the qualities that a cutter plotter should have. GCC i-craft ever since has been noted as one of the fastest and the most precise desktop cutter plotter in the Digital Printing Industry, but again GCC i-craft find it’s way to be more professional and multifunctional terms of cutting.

Featuring, GCC i-Craft 2.0, the latest version of cutter plotter that offers series of upgrades and innovation that can literally turn your creativity into reality and profitability! From 250grams cutting force, it has been upgraded up to 350grams cutting force that can cut through upto 0.8mm or (0.03”) thickness of consumables. 30% more pressure than the original version. It can cut the below materials without any hesitation and produce outstanding finished products without limitations.

Materials / Applications

Papers - Scrapbooking, letterings

Specialty papers - Invitations, scrapbooking, calling cards

Photopapers - Images, scrapbooking

Cardboards - Caricatures, architectural models

Ordinary Stickers - Scrapbooking, children stickers, book stickers, collection stickers

Label Stickers - Indoor and Outdoor stickers

Car Stickers - Car customizations

Transfer papers - Personalized Shirts

Heat transfer Vinyls - Personalized shirts, ecobags

Magnetic Sheets - Ref magnets

Metallic Sheets - Metal calling card with engraving features

Wood - Wood carving with the use of debossing tool

Laminating Film - Spot lamination

PU Film - T shirt Printing

Rhinestone Template - T shirt Printing, sublimation bags

Higher pressure sometimes might mean slower cutting capabilities, but with GCC i-craft 2.0, it has a cutting speed of 300mm/sec (12ips), which means you can finish cutting complicated designs in less than 10mins.

Now, let’s talk about convenience. GCC i-craft have this Automatic Aligning Contour Cutting System that allows the machine set the registration marks automatically unlike those first generation cutter plotters. It also has this Auto Adjusted Blade that automatically adjust to the depth material being used. This machine also upgraded to have a USB port that enables the user to plug in USB for easier accessibility of files when cutting. Which means you can cut anywhere even if you don’t have a computer or laptop on hand. Also, you don’t need to upgrade the software of the cutter plotter online unlike other brands, you just install the software and it’s ready to use. It also has a power saving mode that allows the machine to be on stand by mode when not in use.

GCC i-Craft Cutter Plotter Machine Philippines

With all those upgrades that we’ve mentioned, let’s don’t forget about the advancement. This machine does not only cut, draw and shape, but it has the capability to engrave, emboss and deboss. Personalizing has never been this easy with GCC I-craft 2.0, an all in one machine at the same cost of the previous version. You don’t need to buy separate machine in order to emboss or deboss, You can save more that P10, 000 with GCC I-craft 2.0.

Cutter Plotter Philippines

Nevertheless, having GCC i-craft is designed and proven for long term use. When you buy GCC I-craft, you are not only investing on the machine, but you are also investing for your future consumption of your consumables. GCC I-craft offers consumables that are of affordable price and at superior quality. Below table shows you the price range of the consumables for replacement in the future. In summary, GCC I-craft is not just a high quality cutting machine but also a machine that offers satisfaction and value.

We have available packages for the GCC i-Craft cutter plotter.

Printing business package Philippines

Textile Starter Package
Free One-on-one demo/Tutorial
FREE Product Orientation & Business Consultation

1 Unit Sapphire ClamPro
Heatpress 38cm*38cm
1 Unit GCC i Craft Cutter Plotter
1 Unit HP Laser Toner Printer
1 pc Teflon Sheet
1 pc Sure Cuts A Lot Software
10 pcs Fruit of the Loom T Shirts
10 pcs Laser Opaque Transfer Paper A4

printing business package Philippines

Textile Starter Package
Free One-on-one demo/Tutorial
FREE Product Orientation & Business Consultation

1 Unit Sapphire ClamPro Heat Press Machine 38cm*38cm
1 Unit GCC i-Craft Cutter Plotter
1 Unit 4 Colors Epson Printer
1 pc Teflon Sheet
1 pc Sure Cuts A Lot Software
1 CISS, 4 Bottles Pigment Ink CMYK
2 pcs Fruit of the Loom T Shirts
5 pcs 3G Dark Transfer Paper A4
5 pcs JetPro Light Transfer Paper A4

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