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Since 1990s, mugs have been very popular representation of gift ideas or giveaways. It has also been one of the best selling and tagged as universal gift not only in the Philippines but in the world. In every occasion, season or festivity, mugs can be your ideal token of appreciation in a minimal cost.

Investing in a mug printing business, either home based or full time production is easy, since it has low start up cost, minimal manpower requirement, accessible suppliers of machine and consumables and easy production. Anyone can start a mug printing business for as low as Php10,000. Business starter can already create different types of finished products for different types of target market.

So what is essential with mugs that makes it so significant among other personalized item?

  1. You use it everyday.

Whether you’re at home, at the office, in a restaurant or café, mug is always visible, always part of your lifestyle, almost a necessity. That is why it is an effective promotional tool or gift.

  1. You can always give it and assure that it will still be used by others.

As a gift, souvenir or a giveaway, mugs can always be given on different occasions or season. And of course, regardless of the sexuality of the person, it is unisex.

  1. You will only dispose it if it is broken.

No one or atleast 99% will not throw a mug unless it is broken. A person will continue to use or keep it since it is a “memorabilya”.

  1. Broken? No Problem.

You can always replace a mug since it is part of our daily living.

Crystal Image being one of the leading heat transfer supplier in the Philippines, would recommend Yasen AAA mugs not because it is our own brand but because of the following features:

  1. 100% Ceramic with anti-fade coating

Anti-fade coating does not only preserve the quality of the printed image for a long time but also ensure that even if heated with a high temperature beverage, the mug itself will not turn to yellowish or brownish. A properly coated mug also ensures the safety and hygiene of the drinkers, since badly coated mugs have the tendency of breaking into a little particles that might be drank by the drinkers.

  1. Food and Drugs US Association approved

Yasen AAA mug’s coating has the accreditation of Food and Drugs US Association, that ensures that the coating has no harmful substances.

  1. White in color not yellowish

To achieve quality output mugs should not be yellowish, yellowish mugs might have an impression that it is easy to break and low quality.

  1. Standard size in every mug produced

The advantages of having standard sized mugs are as follows:

  • Easier production, since there is only once size in all mugs, no need to adjust the pressure adjuster in every press.
  • No need to resize image to be pressed.
  • With its equal sizes of mugs, rest assured that the mugs are perfectly fit inside the boxes, thus avoid breakage.

Having the list of guidelines above show that mugs aren’t just an ordinary giveaway. Quality products means quality output. Quality output gathers more customer. For more inquiries, you may contact Crystal Image Paper Marketing Corporation for tips and suggestions.

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