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Guide on Buying Your Own Heat Press Machine - Philippines

Sublimation, heat transfer vinyl, or heat transfer papers are few processes where in you can personalize through digital printing. You will need several tools or materials in order to personalize, printers, inks, heat transfer papers, cutters plotters but what stays constant in every process and applications is the heat press.

Heat press has a big role in digital printing. In order to produce high quality finished products, users should always pay attention to proper timing, temperature, and pressure that is being applied to the sublimation blanks during production. Users should also be wary of the type of heat press they should invest into, as there are several types of heat presses that are fit depending on the size and type of business.

Here are some guides on the types and features of heat presses.

Types of heat press:

Clam Shell Heat press

  • Clam shaped heat press typically used for normal heat pressing.
  • Minimal space is needed
  • Most advisable for personalized shop that offers unique designs and print and cut finished products, since the back portion of the plate of the Clam shell heat press will be first laid onto the press bed for 1-3 secs that sometimes might affect the finished products
Sapphire Clam Pro Heat Press Machine

Swing away Heat press

  • Side swing heat press mostly applicable in heat pressing designs with numbers, texts, or any detailed cut outs since swing type heat press evenly press through the press bed.
  • May need a larger space, double the space of the heat press since the user will swing out the press platen.
  • Swing away heat press also prevents flash burns since user has no direct contact with heat.
Sapphire Swinger Max Heat Press Machine

Drawer Heat press

  • This heat press has a built in drawer that allows the user to draw out the press bed in order to properly lay the sublimation blanks.
  • Avoid direct heat contact.
Sapphire Swinger Pro Heat Press Machine

Magnetic heat press

  • This type of heat press has a magnetic feature that auto opens after pressing.
  • Can be used for multitasking and with low manpower businesses.

Pneumatic heat press

  • An automatic heat press powered by air compressor.
  • User will need a space for both the heat press machine and compressor.
  • Best recommended for those in textile companies that produce high volumes of finished products.
Sapphire Giant Air Press Heat Press Machine

Physical Features that promotes convenience and longevity

Laser Direct Structure

  • A heat press with laser direct structure is more durable compared to heat press that has welding points. A heat press that was built through welding procedure has the tendency to have unseen inconsistencies that may affect the equal balance of the heat platen that is more vulnerable from breakage.
Sapphire Heat press machine reviews Philippines

Anti-Scald Cover

  • Anti-Scald Cover serves as the secondary cover that eliminates direct contact with heat that may cause flash burns.
safe heat press machine Philippines

Foam Grip Handle

  • Soft handle grip for convenience in long time pressing.
Heat press machine machine reviews Philippines

Fully covered wires

  • Ensures that the wires are fully covered and away from pest bites.
heavy duty heat press machine Philippines

360 degrees swing

  • Enables the user to swing up to 360 degrees to avoid direct contact with heat.

Solid Base

  • Ensures that the machine has the proper balance and in fixed position.
heavy duty heat press machine Philippines

Features that contributes to variety and volume

1. Digital or LED controller

User friendly controller of time, temperature and other control functions.

2. Pre alert Alarm

•Advanced alarm features that notifies on the specific time that has been set up.

    3. Counter

    •Effective physical count of finished products being produced.

    4. Both Celcius or Fahrenheit temperature

    •User has the choice whether to use Celcius or Fahrenheit depending on their expertise.

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    5. Interchangeable Press Platen- User has the choice to change the plate for variety.

    Features that enhances finish products

    1. Teflon coated Heat Platen

    • This enhance the quality of the finish products and at the same time no need for Teflon sheet.

    heat press machine buying guide Philippines

    2. Built in Breaker

    • Regulates the electricity that is being emitted in time of brown outs.

    heat press machine buying guide Philippines

    3. Pressure Maximizer

    • Maximize the pressure for better output

    heat press machine parts Philippines

    4. Proximity Sensor

    • Countdown will only start when the Sensor approach either the press bed or heat platen, in which aids to the accuracy and proper timing of the machine.

    heat press machine sensor Philippines

    5. U-Shaped or Fully dressed press bed

    • Allows the user to dress the press bed so that proper alignment of the shirt and consumable can be attained.

    guide on buying a heat press machine Philippines

    6. Emergency Stop (For automatic heat press)

    • Enables the user to stop the production if there were any changes that need to be done.

    Guide on buying a heat press machine

    7. Manual or Automatic button (For automatic heat press)

    • Enables the user to choose how they would want to operate the machine, either automatic of manual.

    Take note that some of the heat press might not have all of the below parts and specs below, but rest assured that having the definition of each features will help you choose your heat press wisely not only in brand and monetary value but also in qualities.

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