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Sapphire® Heat Press,

Your Ideal tool in Digital Printing Business

Time, temperature and pressure, these are the key factors in making a good finish product. A heat press that has accurate time, even heat and even pressure is your best tool in order to have a successful printing business.

Sapphire is a heat press brand that is being carried by Crystal Image Paper Marketing Corporation, one of the pioneer and leading supplier of digital printing machines and consumables in the Philippines. Sapphire heat press machines are made in China and were launched last 2015, and has sold over 5000 units of heat presses in just 2 years.

Either a manual, magnetic or pneumatic type of heat press, all are equipped with high power heat platen that provides even heat. Laser direct structure with a solid base that upgrades the standards of todays 3rd generation heatpresses. Properly selected raw materials and parts built into a heat press machine. Specially designed physical attributes for longer life span and comfort. Upgraded specifications and features for easier and faster production without error and assurance of high quality finished products. These are the signature and trademark of Sapphire heat presses.

Sapphire is not only a heat press, but is your ideal tool in digital printing business. From mug press, cap press, plate press and to different sizes of heat presses, all of these can help you achieve your ideal finished product that is beyond expectation.

Sapphire Clam Pro  Heat Press Machine Philippines

Sapphire® Clam Pro Heat Press Machine

Clam Shell / Flatbed 38x38cm (15x15") Bed Size

Sapphire® Clam Pro, the new face of heat press in digital printing industry. Upgraded, well-manufactured and tested, definitely not the same with your old heat press machine. It is a clam shell, with laser direct structure that ensures the longevity of the machine. Foam handle grip for the convenience of the user. Teflon coated heat platen and fully dressed press bed for efficiency and high quality finished product. This machine is the IDEAL heat press machine that makes our basic heat press extraordinary.

Sapphire Swinger Max Heat Press Machine Philippines

Sapphire® Swinger Max Heat Press Machine

Swing Type 40x50cm

Larger than ordinary, satisfaction guaranteed, Swinger Max heat press machine is not just your ordinary 40*50 heatpress machine. It has LED controller with 6 functions, pre-alert alarm and automatic counter are the two value added features that suffice your needs for production. Pre-alert alarm aims to help the user to do other task while pressing, while the automatic counter assist the user to count during mass production. Asides from its hightech controls, physical attributes also contributes high level of durability and good quality finished products. 360 degrees swing type heatpress, laser direct structure, adjuster knob, pressure maximizer, built in breaker and proximity sensor that ensures your investment is worth of value and satisfaction.

Sapphire Swinger Pro Heat Press Machine Philippines

Sapphire® Swinger Pro Heat Press Machine

Swing Type/Drawer 38x38cm

Heavy duty and multi-function, these are the qualities that best to describe Swinger Pro heatpress. This 38x38 heatpress machine has the weight of 40 kilos that clearly outline its robust appearance. It is swing, drawer and fully dressed heat press in one. Laser direct structure for its handle and solid base, foam grip handle, gas spring, anti-scald cover and built in breaker that ensures safety, convenience and efficiency of the user are just one of the few qualities of Swinger Pro. This machine is best recommended for those who are in mass production, for its substantial qualities and features; long time pressing so perfect output can be attained.

Sapphire Clam Pro Auto Heat Press Machine Philippines

Sapphire® Clam Pro Auto Heat Press Machine

Clam Shell / Drawer 40x40cm Heavy-Duty Bed Size

This machine is properly designed and equipped with the top of the line materials. Laser direct structure, fully covered wires and gas spring drawers that ensures durability and prolongs life span. Foam grip handle, anti-scald cover, emergency stop and 40x40 drawer type press bed for convenience and safety of the users. Nevertheless, efficiency at its finest. This machine is not just stylish but also promotes and maintains quality of the finish product because of its even heat. Fully dressed press bed, digital controller, proximity sensor and magnetic auto open features that allows the user to multi task but can still achieve the perfect output at the same time.

Sapphire Swinger AirMax Heat Press Machine Philippines

Sapphire® Swinger Airmax Heat press machine

Swing/Drawer Type 40x60cm

Maximize your production capabilities and opportunities with Swinger Air Max. Swinger Airmax is specially made for those who are in production of consumables with larger printable area. With a size of 40x60cm and a pneumatic feature for smooth automatic operation, printing large layouts is way easier and faster. Its parts and features are made from exquisite raw materials that assist to produce even heat and even pressure. Properly manufactured, faster production and quality output is guaranteed.

Sapphire Dual Air Heat Press Machine Philippines

Sapphire® Dual Air Heat Press Machine

Multi-function and heavy duty, this machine is perfectly designed for bulk orders. This machine has a stand to support the machine, and two press platen that can move after pressing one side to another, that lessen the time of production. It is also equipped with an air compressor for automatic capabilities that also avoid over pressing during time of heat transfer. Can either be manual or automatic depending on the preference of the user, and has an emergency stop to quickly resolve errors that greatly affects the quality of finish products, complex structure but definitely user friendly.

Sapphire Giant Airpress Heat Press Machine Philippines

Sapphire® Giant Airpress heat press machine

Drawer Type / Automatic 80x105cm

Pressing large format printing consumables is way easier than before. Giant Air Press has a size of 80x105cm that can be fully utilized in pressing full print finished products. It can either be operated manually or automatic since it is empowered by air compressor. It has a steel made stand for support and convenience during production. It also have eight pressure maximizer which is double of the usual, in order to sustain equal pressure, since it is two times larger than ordinary heat presses. User also has the option to stop production to correct errors with emergency stop button. Teflon coated heat platen with even heat that will make sure your printables are insusceptible of cold spots and imperfections. Giant machine but is easy to operate, a highly recommended machine for heat transfer.

Sapphire Lanyard Heat Press Machine Philippines

Sapphire® Lanyard Heat Press Machine

Lanyards are not only laces where you can hang an ID but they can also become a beautiful neck accessory when they are customized. Starting custom lanyards business can be a great way to have small business because of the products fast selling capabilities.

Sapphire  Mini Heat Press Machine Philippines

Sapphire® Digital Heat Press Machine

Swing Type 9x12" / 23x30cm

This swing type heat press is light but heavy duty. Space saver. Digital screen panel. Power is 220V/600W/60Hz with time ranges from 0 to 999 seconds. Reaches maximum temperature of 245˚C / 473˚ F

Sapphire Cap press Heat Press Machine Philippines

Sapphire® Digital Cap Pres

Heat Press Machine

Grab your photos and transfer the design unto caps! This machine has coated Teflon board. power of 220V/380W. Has Plate Size of 8.5 x 15cm. Automatic digital timer.

Sapphire Plate Press Heat Press Machine Philippines

Sapphire® Digital Plate Press Machine

Heat Press Machine

Grab your photos and transfer the design unto plates!

Sapphire Mug press Heat Press Machine Philippines

Sapphire® Standard Round Mug Press
Heat Press Machine

This mug presser type heat press is semi-automatic. Easy to operate and applicable for small volume. Automatic digital timer. Power is 220v/50hz/350W. Temperature can heat up to 0-200ºC. Mug printing size is 11oz

Sapphire Heat press Machine 40x50Cm
Sapphire Heat Press 40x60cm
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