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  • Crystal Image Paper Marketing Corporation


    Company Overview

    Crystal Image was established in the year 2012. Now we are the leading supplier in Heat transfer industry, and the first to introduce sublimation products in the Philippines, the company has dominated more than 75 provinces and has been one of the most consistent provider for established suppliers in the industry. Located in the city of manila, which is the main access point of trucking, bus and courier for faster transaction and delivery.


    Background and Development


    The founder of the company, which started in this line of business in 2006, has continuously search and offer innovation for the future of heat transfer industry. From heat press, mug press, then latter to 3D sublimation machine that offers high resolution, permanent coloration and superior quality that won’t peel, scratch or crack the printed images. Consumables from mugs, plates, rock photo, then diversified to cellphone case, shot glass, tiles, crystal frames, metal sheet, slippers etc. The passion to create special and unique finished product was the passed through all employees and to other businesses in the industry.


    Key Process


    Our company has a timely schedule of going all over the Globe to allocate the numerous numbers of quality goods and machines to offer to the market, this being our edge compared to other providers. From Chemica vinyl heat transfer from France and GCC i-Craft cutter from Taiwan, our company is the only one authorized to supply these genius inventions in the Philippines. Then will proceed to quality assurance check and will continue to our well established supply chain to deliver to our customer. We ensure to offer life time support our customers with our After Sales Service to add value and build customer relationship.



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