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    How to Use Mug Press - (Mug Press Tutorial)

    Mug Press Machine

    This mug presser type heat press is semi-automatic. Easy to operate and applicable for small volume. Automatic digital timer. Power is 220v/50hz/350W. Temperature can heat up to 0-200ºC. Mug printing size is 11oz.Designed with an adjustable holder that holds your items securely as you press and a manual-held lever to allow maximum user control. This machine also features an automatic digital timer that alerts you when it comes to specific pressing time.

    Cutting Large Format Stickers for Outdoor Signages & Labels

    Mactac Sticker Print and Cut using I-Transfer 48 inches Cutter Plotter

    ITransfer Cutter Plotter offers more than just vinyl cutting. It's also applicable in cutting large format stickers for outdoor signages and labels. ITransfer cutter plotter has 2 sizes 24 inches for standard Tshirt printing necessities and 48 inches for larger media requirement.

    GCC Embossing & Debossing Tool


    -No need to buy separate unit compared to other brands!

    -Save money

    I-Transfer Cutter Plotter Detailed Cutting Feature

    Cut your complicated design with ease!

    Chemica Heat Transfers for Textiles

    With experience spanning several decades, CHEMICA makes and distributes a wide range of high quality, heat transfer products for the garment decorating market in the Philippines

    A One Step Heat Transfer Paper for Dark/Light Garment Printing

    LASER-ONE-OPAQUE® Design for Laser Printers (With & Without Fuser Oil) For Heat Transfer Printing Photos/Images to Garments compatible with HP Laser Jet Printers! Try it now for faster and vibrant finish!

    Car Sticker Application using I-Transfer 48" Cutter Plotter

    An important component of your promotional efforts.

    Car Sticker printed on this media are just as good looking and become stronger and longer lasting. Vinyl is much more rugged and weather resistant than paper, making them ideal for situations where they will be used outdoors.

    I-Transfer 48" Best Cutter Plotter

    48" IC Series Cutting Plotter with Automatic Contour Cut Function.

    Pen Press Tutorial Using Laser Metallic Foil Solution

    Now you can turn your creativity into business.

    Contour Cutting Tutorial

    We will teach you:

    ✅How to install recommended software

    ✅How to print

    ✅How to cut

    ✅DOs and DON'ts

    ✅Maintenance tips

    Multifunction and Heavy Duty Double Air Heat Press Machine

    Machine 40x60cm (16x24") Bed Size/ Double Station

    Can either be manual or automatic depending on the preference of the user, and has an emergency stop to quickly resolve errors that greatly affects the quality of finish products, complex structure but definitely user friendly.

    Unboxing Sapphire Lanyard Heat Press

    Capable on pressing: Customized ID/ Lace/ Hoodies/ Rash Guard/Leggings

    Clam Type Heat Press Digital Control ( Up to 200°C, Adjustable knobs 1/2" thick of aluminum board plate and reversible, Hi-Temp Silicone Pad 25x100cm of bed size platen, Adjustable Multi-Spring Balancer, Rigid Steel Frame & Heavy Duty Structure

    Sapphire® Lanyard Heat Press Review

    Mega alert for this clam type heat press technology!

    Capable on pressing customized I.D. Lace, hoodies, rash guards, leggings and more!

    I-Transfer Cutter Plotter Vinyl Contour Cutting

    Step-by-Step tutorial to make the INSTANT CUTTING happened!

    Have you ever thought of a complicated design yet its hard to cut by an ordinary cutter? Introducing I-Transfer Cutter Plotter an automatic and easy technology just for your designs! 

    I-Transfer Vinyl Cutting Software Guide

    How to install I-Transfer cut

    Download this I-Transfer Cutter Plotter 'I-Transfer' Vinyl Cutting software to make your creativity turn to business!

    I-Transfer Cutter Plotter Tutorial

    Easy steps on how to use this amazing technology!

    I-Transfer Cutter Plotter (Vinyl Cut-out).

    Automatic and easy, New Adopted Arm Processor, USB 2.0 interface, 1GB extensive memory, faster speed, lesser noise, Humane design, higher accuracy, Automatic memory of blade force and speed, adjustable at any time and is easy to use, Emergency stop -Offline copy function, Unique red cutting slot making it easier to operate.

    Sapphire® 6 in 1 Multifunction Heat Press Machine

    A price of one for a function of six! Isn't it a great deal!?

    Heat press machine that can transfer your design from mugs, plates, caps and t-shirt.
    Grab yours now and maximize your business experience with us in
    Crystal Image Paper Marketing Corporation – Your Partner in Digital Printing Business.

    i-Transfer Pen Press Machine Printing Tutorial

    New Breaking Technology!

    Toner Transfer Printing on None Polymer Coating Consumables.

    -Solid steel framework
    -Laser direct structure
    -Fully digital temperature & Time control
    -Automatic Alarm,Temperature & Time recycle
    -Teflon sheet covered heating pad with silicone
    -Swing away type


    OKI Printer and Forever Paper Video Tutorial

    Use your creativity to start your own personalized printing business
    Design, Print and Press with no boundaries.

    Chemica Firstmark​ Vinyl Printing Tutorial

    Semi-matt heat-transfer vinyl flex noted for being good value for money, ultra washable and superbly

    easy to use.,Sticky Backing

    Color Resistant

    90° Washing Temperature


    OEKO-TEX® Certified

    Easy to weed


    THE TIME-SAVING SOLUTION! Done in 5 seconds,

    Peel off hot or cold!

    Try out the ultra-soft texture of our Quickflex matt polyurethane film!


    Sublimation Printing using Chemica Subliflok Vinyl

    Grasp that velvet touch on sublimation printing!

    This material is made of White viscose flock media (velvet touch) using sublimated printers for heat transfer applications. It is suitable for cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fibers textiles. The thickness is about 0.50mm.

    Emboss Effect Vinyl Printing Tutorial​

    Magical puffed-up effect

    MAGIC FLEX Chemica

    Polyurethane heat-transfer film that gives a magical puffed-up effect when heated! The white version can be printed with true solvent/eco-solvent inks to create colours with a vintage pastel effect.

    Chemica APrint Printable Vinyl

    Vinyl film for use on true solvent and eco-solvent printers

    NEW! Chemica Superior Quality Vinyl from France

    A high-quality vinyl for your textiles, t-shirt printing or heat press. View the wide range of available vinyl for your needs! more.....


    GCC i-Craft Cutter Plotter 2.0

    Best Portable 12'' Cutter Plotter

    Turn your creativity into real business. i-Craft™, a portable desktop cutting plotter with the highest cutting force and cutting speed, ideal for micro-business, startups, schools, restaurants, offices and stores. Enter the business with affordable initial investment, as its ease of use interface, ready clipart, precise and versatile cutting capability and AAS II contour cutting module which creates the most possibilities in iron-on, display, packaging, rhinestone decals, labels, fabric, and more.

    Light Transfer Paper Printing Tutorial

    In this video we will show you how to transfer an image using Light transfer paper.

    - Light Transfer Paper
    -T60 Epson Printer (Pigment Ink)
    -GCC i-Craft cutter plotter (print & Cut)
    -Sapphire Swinger Max Heat Press Machine


    Sublimation printing tutorial for Badge/patch

    Be seen, be heard..now you can print your identity into different materials with this New Heat Transfer Sublimation Badge

    Dark Transfer Paper (3G) T-shirt Printing Tutorial

    In this video we will show you how to transfer an image using Dark transfer paper.

    -3G Jet Opaque Dark Transfer Paper
    -T60 Epson Printer (Pigment Ink)
    -GCC i-Craft cutter plotter (print & Cut)
    -Sapphire Swinger Max Heat Press Machine

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